Miracle Light

March 8, 2009
By Lindsey McGovern BRONZE, Reading, Massachusetts
Lindsey McGovern BRONZE, Reading, Massachusetts
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The blank and innocent sky
Pale blue, and pure
Full of irreplaceable joy and sweet ignorance
Peacefully undisturbed, unharmed.

The sky seems to brighten
As sweet and salty rain
Pours down from fluffy, seemingly perfect clouds

The sky begins to darken
As the light, sprinkling shower
Intensifies, swirling into a roaring storm
A black, gloomy, miserable mess of confusion

The storm eventually fades
Leaving the sky torn apart, devastated, ruined
Only to be saved by a distant light
Drawing closer, colorfully draping over the wound

A rainbow is formed
A magical sign of hope,
Repairing the damages of the dark storm
With an everlasting, loving beauty.

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