Only If she Knew

March 8, 2009
By Haley Mason BRONZE, Lima, Ohio
Haley Mason BRONZE, Lima, Ohio
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I'm tired of all the lieing,
tired of the cheating,
Tired of pretending
I was believing.

Knowing that he loves her
better then me, I'm tired
of thinking he belongs
with me...

With just one heart
left so broken, so many
tears I have not spoken.

If only he told me
he loved you more
if only he told you
I was heading for his bedroom door.

A kiss upon my cheek, as he whispered
he loves me, knowing it's not true and
that he's sneaking off with you.

I thought he loved me
but I guess I was wrong
the love he had for me
was all played out to long

only if she knew that I would be
lost without you, only if she knew
I was the color that surrounds you.

I'm giving up on
the love we never had,
walking past the days
he made me so mad.

Slowly forgetting the fact that
he's away, but i'll never
fully forget the reason why I
fell in love with him more each day.

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