Pretty Blue Eyes

March 8, 2009
By Haley Mason BRONZE, Lima, Ohio
Haley Mason BRONZE, Lima, Ohio
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When I'm falling,It's over you,
I just can't walk past you.
You lift me up,when I am down,
You whisper softly when there's no sound.

The light is shinning through the gray skys,
and i watch your every move through my
Pretty Blue Eyes.You move me with every
step you take, But I breathe you with every breath I take.

Falling to pieces over you, but you make me fly
my way back to you. Broken promises are never
ment to be, But your secrets I intend to keep.

When I look into your, Pretty Blue Eyes,
I see your broken on the inside.and I'm
gonna take away your pain with a sweet
kiss good-bye.

It's gonna make me fall again, But I'll walk my
way back to where I been. Because when your
around me I forget to breathe, Because when
your around me I can't stand to leave.

When Your around I find all the pieces to me,
then I know your where I should be. So I'll
hold my hands out to catch your fall,and I'll be
here through it all.

Never will I walk away and forget that your
my everything.Because your a beautiful dreamer,
and I'm your strongest believer and I'll always
catch you even if there's a breakthrough.

And I'm gonna fight for you even if I have to
chase you through the rain,even if I can't take
away your pain.

So just let me fall for you, let me
find all the pieces to you, let me be
your pretty blue eyes,let me leave
you wondering why!

Because I need you,
Like you need me
and when were together
you set me free.

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