My True Loves Last Kiss

March 8, 2009
By Haley Mason BRONZE, Lima, Ohio
Haley Mason BRONZE, Lima, Ohio
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You smiled at me
In a faded light,
as you reasure me
your nothing but alright

My hearts beating faster
at the end of the night
scared that you willn't
make it through the fight,

Just one touch and
I feel your pain,
wishing I could take
your fears away.

But I'm still praying
on a better day,
as your slipping away
more each day.

my heart is slowly
falling to pieces,
But there's nothing I can do,
but wish for one more day with you.

I never loved anyone
quite like you, But
your beautiful heart
I saw right through.

If only you knew
I would die for you,
If only you knew
I cry for you.

A tear upon my cheek,
knowing that your not here for long
and I wish you could hear my
heart beating your favorite song...

Sweet love of mine
today may be the last,
But I'll hold you in my arms,
untill many days pass.

Slowly letting you go, As
so much pain lies inside,
I'll never forget the love that we had,
But I have to say good-bye.

As I walk away and
wipe away the tears
I remember I have something better
that I'll carry forever
My true loves last kiss....

slowly dying inside i say good-bye
to my angel love that faded away,
he'll always be with me untill
my dying day.

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