Loving Him

March 8, 2009
By Haley Mason BRONZE, Lima, Ohio
Haley Mason BRONZE, Lima, Ohio
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He says he's sorry
but he has to leave,
he says "darling
your everything to me"

But at the end of the day,
he's still broken,
his words are
still unspoken,

and he means everything
to her but she doesn't tell,
so he doesn't see,

that he's her
one true possiblility,
she holds him close
so she knows he's near,

She still seems to
love him even
though he's not
really there.

Loving him was a struggle
more each day,but she held on tight, and listened to the
beautiful things he would say.

As the days flew by,
he was letting her slip away,
she finally found
her strength to walk away.

Her love for him
was like a war,
and she fought her way
back to him eachday.

Chasing after wild dreams,
she never realized,
she thought of him
as her everything.

Slowly letting go,
she found herself,
beneth the love
that wasn't good enough.

As she walks past that day,
she tells herself,
that her love for him
is whats pulling her away.

She stops herself
when turning back,
because soon the
pain will come right back.

Loving him was the
hardest thing she ever had to do,
but slowly letting go,
she finally saw right through,

The pain that caused her
to walk away, was simply
his way of telling her
to find her better day......

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