My Politician

March 8, 2009
By Lauren Harper BRONZE, Wareham, Massachusetts
Lauren Harper BRONZE, Wareham, Massachusetts
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My politician turns to me
His eyes clear as can be
And asks why I will not go
With his arguments I agree
And his point of view I see
But my answer remains "No"

My politician asks again
If not now, when?
But I have nothing to say
Sure I've seen how bad it's been
Fights break out between the men
But I choose to keep away

My politician, I amuse
When I say I'm afraid to lose
For he knows that's it's a lie
Sure I have a short fuse
But I'm not afraid of abuse
I could at least give it a try

My politician stands on stage
Caught up in all the rage
The argument grows loud
I'm filled with this feeling so strange
Like I'm trapped within a cage
A helpless face, lost in a crowd

My politician turns to me once more
His eyes bloodshot, his head is sore
Bruised from all the mental kicks
My heart aches from the very core
As I see him limp out the door
And he wonders why I hate politics?

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