Mad or Sane

March 8, 2009
By Gabriel Martinez BRONZE, Rancho Cucamonga, California
Gabriel Martinez BRONZE, Rancho Cucamonga, California
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I know why madmen scream at the sky
And that their tears bleach the ground
As they fall, shrieking from the inside
I know why madmen scream at the sky

I know why they scrape food from the ground
Only vultures eating corpses and cadavers
All the while thinking they have just won
Nothing seems wrong in their deluded minds

I live in a strange town, hopefully just passing through
Seeing strange men go and live by lust
Greed, fear, murder, they cause so much
Destruction, turmoil, and evil surrender

I know why madmen have a blank stare
Always replaying those events in their minds
Wishing they were never there
Never released from the captivating depression

They never realize that they are dead
Those mad men, yes in a very real sense they are
Although they will proclaim that they are alive
They are dead, yes dead

I know why madmen seek homes
Because they never had one
But in reality there are two homes
The good and the bad one

I know why sane men are disgusted
With the madmen's rants and raves
With little sense those madmen discuss
The current passing trends

I know why sane men vomit
Just from looking at the food they consume
And when they see their faces enjoy it
It's no wonder the sane men swoon

They swoon in a sense that they don't lose consciousness
But it's not in a sense of ecstasy, no far from it
They swoon in the sense that they just can't stand it
They turn away from the very sight whenever they can

I am still trying to figure out
Whether I am a madman or sane man
To find my identity
Hoping that I am a sane man

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