Looking Back on Summer Love

March 7, 2009
By Bethany Surrett SILVER, Heflin, Alabama
Bethany Surrett SILVER, Heflin, Alabama
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there was a time in my life
when i didn't have to try..
full of laughter
never the one to cry
time changes people
for good and for bad
but sometimes what you've got
doesn't compare to what you had

a lifetime ago when i was that girl
my heart was fine because you promised me the world
but as i grew older i slowly started to see
people aren't always who they swore they'd be

i may have changed,
that's what we all do
as we hang onto the ones
who claim they are through
they walk out of our lives without a trace
and they never know how they can't be replaced

the picture is still there to remind me of the day
the day that you said you'd never walk away
it screams at me throughout the night
because even then, in my heart, i knew it wouldn't turn out right

you were the one who opened my heart
& showed me everyone can have a new start
so i'll say goodbye for now and wait my turn
to figure out if it's real or if i'll get burned
but know there's not a single memory i'll forget
& giving you my heart is something i'll never regret.

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