Love's Harmony

March 7, 2009
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The two pressed backs against the cold
concrete and, with downcast eyes,
began to speak, or more like whisper
so much said in unspoken words.
Though neither turned nor looked to meet
the other's gaze while sitting there,
mysterious presence overlooked
and as time passed, materialized.
A Child with breathtaking innocence
a cherub face so round and sweet,
looked between the pair and was
their connection's missing piece.
A Child of Love, of Cupid named
clung about the necks of each
though neither saw not would acknowledge,
of Him, both were much aware.
To one half He held steadfast
not against maternal breast but
rather, rested impishly and giggled
gleefully atop her back;
To the other half, however,
He entwined fingers behind the neck
of the boy ' motionless, protective '
and hid His face inside his chest.
And the boy, a boulder timeless
with patience of Penelope
waits never stirring, never fading,
never with his love has haste.
But oh, the girl! A flowing river
of great distress and much unrest
ever-changing, ever-lapping,
visits again his solid form.
Here he bides his time unending,
the background for her every whim,
'till she too cradles Cupid and
holds Him as her heart's own kin.
When she would recognize the Child
when she at last would know her love,
the Cupid's purpose would be fulfilled
and their two lives embrace as one.
Then Child, only spectre remaining
will fade unto the morning mist,
for the dawn's first touch of day
alikens to their wakening souls.

Eternity passed in but a moment
as I sat in talk with them,
at once, all chatter seemed to cease
and I witnessed something miraculous.
The two sat in mute understanding
and I, the onlooker, hushed as well;
for here a rarity occurred '
each heart's melody sang song aloud.
She blushed and turned, unlocking their gaze -
for but a second, Time hiccupped
and held Its breath long enough for
each to capture the other's look.
The moment passed, as all good do
though fortunate am I to see it once,
my smiling soul waits again to hear
the harmony of two hearts in love.

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