Do You See Me?

March 7, 2009
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Do i need to watch you?!?!? Or can u hear meee?
All this stuff could be true,from what they see!
But all this talk, dont really mean nothing to me,
Because i trust u, do u trust me?
Nothin' can ever break the love I have,for thee!
Instead of breakin ur heart, u should be my queen
And i'll be ur king
and i'll fulfill ur needs
Have u wakin up screamin, "it was all a dream!"
Baby this is real talk, not somekind of scheme.
I wanna join da club, even join ya team.
Show me how ya lean
Show me how to rock
Let em kno its goin down yung joc
Lovin u is like an addiction, need no syringe
Either u can be my girl, or u can be my friend.
Like the little bunny, my love dont end,
It keep goin, and goin.. Then come back again.
Without u, no win, with u no loss
Voices in the halls, know we still cross
So Here. i. am, but not rick ross
Not yah boy jase,
Not yah boy chase,
Not yah boy hack
It can only be one ....thats me, the J. mack!

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