my prison poem

March 7, 2009
By Anonymous

my anger is ready to fly
music is makin me high
killin is on the brink
there goes dad as he starts to drink
you start messin with me i start nockin out teeth
then we aint go to worry bout beef
the prison bars start to close
there,the cops are sittin
now,the clock is ticken
and im locked up in prison
i take back what i did
but god wont forget my sin
ima be sittin in here for life
i wont have time to be your wife
i can only let out my feelings in words
stare out the window at the birds
what holds me in is these metal fences and barbed wire
it's the gangsta in me i admire
dealing the drugs and doin the dope
just aint helping me cope
i've been runnin since i was lil
now it's time for me to kill

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