Dreaming Big, Working For Change

March 7, 2009
By Henry SILVER, Springfield, Missouri
Henry SILVER, Springfield, Missouri
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To say I haven't changed would be a lie- Though many days I struggle and cry- Things have happened I don't understand- Things that have caused me to become a man- Everyone dreams of becoming a star- The road they don't understand is very far- You look for others as a source of help- But all you need is to believe in your self- I've come a long way in my life- Though some days have been felled with strife- With the help and supports of others- With the loving care of many mothers- I have realized and seen my dream- With God in my life we're the ultimate team- With my dream I will be persistent- Though I will meet some resistance- I strive to change the world- For you and every little boy and girl- Like the great Dr. King- I to HAVE A DREAM!

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