To the One Who Never Loved Me

March 7, 2009
I pass you in the street
And my heart jumps.
We nod at eachother-
My heart races,
But you just go on.
Forgetting you ever saw anyone.
Thinking your own thoughts.

I gaze at you from across the room
And try to ingrane
Your shapely face,
Your muscled arms,
Into my memory forever.

When I gaze at your strong arms
And close my eyes,
I can almost feel them
Around me. Strong.
Warm. Safe. Gentle.
Loving. Holding me tight.

I couldn't count
All the times I've
Dreamed about you-
Waking with the tenderness
Of your lips on mine-
Only to find myself alone.

My heart swells with pride
Whenever you win. Whenever
You ace or succeed,
But you don't know.
I see you laughing with the other girls,
And something I've never
Felt before-deep in my heart-makes
Me ache.
Makes me want to cry.

I pass you in the hall.
I stare into your dreamy eyes
That don't see me,Yet I still
Fall into your charm,
Get lost in your presence,
Roaming the spaces of your being.

No matter how bad
And low down I feel,
I only have to see you smile
And all the sunlight
Comes flooding back in.

All these things I feel
So keenly, Yet you don't know.
You pass me by without a thought.
You don't even know that my
Heart leaps with joy
Every time I see you

I'm just a Drop in an
Ocean to you.
A Grain of sand in a
Desert. The smallest, most
Unnoticable Snowflake on the highest Mountain Peak.

All I want - all I dream about -
All my heart longs for
Is for you to see me,
Smile truely at me.
Love me.
Take me into your arms...

Yet you won't.
You never will.
I know this for sure,
So why do I still hope?Why?

Because if I didn't, I would have
Nothing to live for.

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