For the best

March 7, 2009
By Ink_is_gold. BRONZE, Irving, Texas
Ink_is_gold. BRONZE, Irving, Texas
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one night when I was feeling alone
you were there on the phone
you made me believe that you wanted me
but all you wanted was a memory

You told me you loved me just for fun
my mind ignored it, but my heart held on
I played with the thought of me and you
I started to believe it was all true

one day when I was sure I was in love
I gave all my sanity a little shove
I said those three words and gave you my heart
I told you it was fragile, so never depart

you gave it back, oh so quickly
you said "we're just friends, cant you see?"
I cried and cried and inside I felt battered
it fell to the floor, My heart was shattered

I'll never forget what you did next
you left me alone because you thought "it was for the best"
I sat there alone for hours and hours
drowning in tears like a rain forest flower

you never responded to my cries of help
so I sat there so broken, all by myself

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