(I Was) Once Pure

March 7, 2009
By Beth Jakubowsky BRONZE, Middletown, New York
Beth Jakubowsky BRONZE, Middletown, New York
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Would you look into my eyes and call my name?
And let our fiery passion burst my heart into flame?
Would you look into my soul and tell me what you see?
For this flood of emotion is drowning me.

Would you trace my scars and soothe the pain?
And let your love be my cleansing rain?
And would your angel voice be all that I need,
To release these demons and set me free?

Would you take me in your arms and hold me tight?
And whisper that you love me until everything's alright?
And would you run your fingers slowly through my hair,
And promise me that always, always you'll be there?

Would we lose our innocence from going too far?
When really we know we've gone nowhere at all.
And would our two bodies become one as they swiftly intertwine?
And will this be what we need to finally set our souls align?

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