Love's Reign

March 7, 2009
By marissa04 SILVER, Frankfort, Illinois
marissa04 SILVER, Frankfort, Illinois
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There is a light that I still see
When I close my eyes, I'm blind
The reminiscence of the old,
The fortell of the new

For I remember what's behind
And I can see what lay ahead
And there is only one light
Shining in the dark

I've seen the children at their play
I've seen the people work
I know their destiny is unknown
This world full of hatred is the known

For the only light I see right now
May never die out later
For the rest of the world is cold and dark
Except for love's shining bright

True love never ends
The dieing of hate begins
The world will soon be whole again
So now I pray, but nevermore

True love will reign forever more

The author's comments:
The opposites at the end of each line demonstrate how diverse life is in today's world.

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