Another Heartbreaker

March 7, 2009
By Quatisha BRONZE, New Bern, North Carolina
Quatisha BRONZE, New Bern, North Carolina
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Another Heartbreaker is what you are
In my heart you were always a star
Fame and publicity got through your mind
Your head got big and bold as days passed by
Girls and money is what you thought you needed to be happy
But all you needed was me can't you see it, what happened?
We used to be so happy to see one another
Now you can't stand the sight of me
I thought I was your brick that made you strong
But all along I guess I was wrong
How could you break my heart?
I've always loved you even from the start
A Heartbreaker is what you are
I can't believe you went that far
I thought you were different and that you would be the one
I, my dear, loved you so much, now my heart rots in the sun
'What about me,' are the words I asked you that night
You threw my clothes and shoes out the window which ended the fight
How dumb was I not to see, that you never truly loved me;
That you were never and never will be there for me
Though I gave you everything your heart desired
Even started your business off I guess my time with you has expired
I am not a bad person so I do not wish you grief
Though one day your match is what you'll meet
I want you to hurt as much as me
You have to get hurt to have true Love is what they say
Thinking about you is all I do all day
Wondering, what did I do to make you not love me?
Am I not pretty enough?
Am I not fun enough?
Or am I just not your type?
I thought that one day I would become your wife
I asked these questions over and over until I realized
I went to the mirror and stared at my dark brown eyes
There's nothing wrong with me I said to the mirror
Now I see and think much clearer
I am who I am but it wasn't that I wasn't good enough for you
The problem was is that you weren't good enough for me
My heart was too grand for the bitterness of yours
You played with my emotions and laugh at the fact I'm still stuck on you WELL NO MORE
This is me and now I see
The only thing I did wrong was love you and not me
I gave you my all I gave you my heart
Now my love for you still remains just as it did from the start
But I know I can move on and live life so peacefully
I am me and there's nothing wrong you just didn't see
From the brown and black strands in my hair
And my beautiful dark brown eyes that glare
To the beauty mark on my toes
Even the shape of my nose
I love me and it's too bad you couldn't see
Deal with it because I am ME
And you're just another Heartbreaker as plain as can be

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