Life is a journey

March 7, 2009
By Quatisha BRONZE, New Bern, North Carolina
Quatisha BRONZE, New Bern, North Carolina
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Life is a journey
Could it be?
How could we all survive?
This is a life of which not to strive
A place of violence and pain
Working hard every day without gain
Life is a journey
Which we must go through
Turn all of your hatred and anger into virtue
Why live to suffer
Why not die beside your lover
Dying is not that bad
A journey it may be, which might make you sad
A stress it is wondering if you'll make the journey to Heaven
Or enter the blazing fires of Hell
Staying up pacing the floors past eleven
Though some days you can never tell
You do good, you do bad the lessons are never ending
Try harder and harder as days go by
But you still wonder as you sigh
Crying with pain is all you know
Friends you thought were there left your side at the drop of a tear
Now you live your life in fear
No shoulder to cry on
No one to Love
The only love you know is from the one above
You've lost all hope of happiness
And lost control
Of your mind, body and your soul
Every where you turn you wonder why
Lord why haven't you taken my sorrowful life
One night you start to walk around the block
Releasing the stress your life is like a clock
The clock strikes 12:00
For your life is about end
You open your eyes and see a room of white
Judgment day has come soon for you
You suffered a painful death, now what to do?
Before you are the pearly gates of heaven
In desperation you start to sweat
You wait before them for your ultimate judgment
Don't fear my child God says to you
You are welcome in my kingdom as an angel of God
Step forward into the light
You live for all eternity and your life as it was is no longer a fight
The life you lived no longer exists
Be thankful that I have died for your sins
It was your duty to follow my word and believe in me
Your life wasn't only a journey but a test to complete

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