love letter

March 7, 2009
By , smyrna, TN
when i think of you, i think of laughter. i think of sharing popcorn and cracking up at silly movie. i think of imaging a silly sight and laughing with you until tears form. when i think of i think of secruity, feeling saffe in your arms as you hold me. i think of being with you and never feeling alone. when i think of you i am grateful i have you. i think of what your touch or looking at me a certain way does to me. i only think of you day and night. i think of you as my love,and best friend.when i think of you it puts a smile on my face and gives me butterflies in my are the thought that starts each day. you are i a i do and practically everything i say. you are the twinkle in my eyes and the dimple in my smile. you are the warmth in my heart and the fullness in my life. you arethe hand laced in mine and the coat upon my back. you are that one person i hate saying "good-bye" too. you absolutely mean the world to me. the first time we spoke i flipped. i was so nervous. after that i couldnt get you out of my head. you make me so happy. i could not have asked for more. you have always been there since the words,"will you go out with me?" "Yes!" when i look back on these days i will be glade to say i had you in my life. in my dreams, i see us together in the future. in my heart there will always be a place for you all my life. i will keep apart of you with me everywhere i am and go in made me open my eyes to where i see more in people and in myself. you have taught me a lot of things and about myself. the only way i could repay you for all the fantasctic times is using three words. " I love you"

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