Immune to Time

March 7, 2009
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Cars enveloped in rusted metal
Friendly faces where wrinkles settle
Frozen mountains deteriorating
Stars shine, but their light is fading

Every second that the Earth spins
Every second that a life begins
Every second that you draw breath
Is one second closer to death

From baby seed to wilting flower
From sweet milk turning sour
From Spring to Fall, when leaves will drop
From young to old, when pulses stop
Observe the world and you will find
From the core of the planet to the highest high
Death or decay of any kind
Is brought about by the Sands of Time

As the hourglass runs, everything dies
As the moments pass, (the world ends soon)
The clock ticks away all lives
But there is one thing that is immune.
It can be more dangerous than Demons ascending
It can be more wonderful than Angels descending
And against an inevitable ending
It stands alone, hearts befriending.

Love is not scarred by Time.
Even if it suffers injuries
Love in its purest form,
Can and will survive centuries.

If immortal love is love indeed
Then I have never truly loved
To find this love is what I need
Not an attraction forced or shoved.

I must find love that will stay
One that will not steadily fade away
Though impossible this mission may
To fall in love before I gray
Until I find it my prayers will say:
'I hope that I know love someday.'

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