An Incomplete Liaison

March 6, 2009
By Morgan Youmans BRONZE, Vidalia, Georgia
Morgan Youmans BRONZE, Vidalia, Georgia
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I stand at a safe distance
seeing every move
wishing I had the courage
to walk right up to you

I plan my approach
and promise that I'll do it
but I'm not brave -
I can't execute it

sometimes you transfix your gaze upon me
and I'll return it with a quiet smile
timidly turning up the corners of my lips
thinking "even this is worth my while"

there was a moment
there's always a moment
that you can pinpoint exactly
I'd noticed you for days
although it seemed like an eternity

as I slipped through the crowds
I saw you approach
radiant with charm and sincerity
I watched you walk past
and kept watching all the while
not able to relent

our eyes met
and I received a genuine smile
you too had turned back
and that was it -

our moment of enchantment

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