Queen Lexicon

March 6, 2009
By Morgan Youmans BRONZE, Vidalia, Georgia
Morgan Youmans BRONZE, Vidalia, Georgia
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It's blatantly obvious,
this is my passion
manipulating words
accomodating them to my partiality.

I have a way with my words
my grammatical contrivance
it isn't correct,
but it isn't inaccurate.

I'm a walking dictionary
the embodiment of a thesaurus
Queen Lexicon, if you may.

The tyrant of grammar
the persecutor of the misspelled
the oppressor of mechanics -
but i'm allowed my own way.

Much like the Queen of Hearts,
there is no way
unless it is that which is mine.

I'm the princess of phraseology
with only a few reining before me.
the lady-in-waiting of wordage
the philanderer of anything but this.

I'm the dictator of diction.

All hail Queen Lexicon!

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