March 6, 2009
By Hana Haderlein BRONZE, Edmonton, Other
Hana Haderlein BRONZE, Edmonton, Other
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As thin as tracing paper. the skin that covers my truths
So easily broken and copied
So thin that people see my outer shell with a quick glance
And that's enough
I'm not protected, but its still a blessing
That I'm not so thick all people see is a smile
And never look into my eyes
only to see a glazed reflection of themselves.
But that's all we want, it is our instinct
A reflection
Being weak is awkward, and being awkward is hell
So the confident ones stride forward, and everyone loves them
and the unsung hero's take steps further till their rocks on the horizon line
And the ones who are normal sit in the middle till someone calls their number
And shows them where they die
Who will help me
Who will make me?
Or is it my duty to try myself.
It wont be you to tell me the answer
Because you are so far ahead, that I'm invisible
But I'm still waiting for you to come

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