No way out!

March 6, 2009
No way out!

There is no way out of life.
There is no way out of here
When I turn around I only see nothing.

When I want to talk I'm talking to brick walls.
No one wants to talk to me.
Everyone hates me.
What does death really mean?
What does life really mean? What is the point?
It's like I'm all alone in life.
Do I really exist? Do you really exist?
What does emo really mean?
There is no way out of life is there?
Am I really loved by my parents?
Why am I not popular like they are?
Why am I sitting here on the floor writing poetry?
Why does life rally matter to you or me?
There is no way out is there?

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brittney H. said...
Aug. 2, 2009 at 4:51 am
Please don't steal my poem!!!! PLEASE! these are one of my own ides!! :)
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