Fallen for the Taken

March 6, 2009
It started out as a fling,
but then it turned into something deep.
I tried to ignore it,
but the feelings I have for you can not be avoided.
I know you feel the same,
and yet, you continue to play these games.
You say it's because you don't want to leave your girl stranded in the rain,
but what about my pain?
Did your feelings for me go away?
I guess it's the price I have to pay,
for falling in love with a dude who already has a lady.

If it kills you to leave,
I guess we can never be.
I'm tired of hurting,
so no more late night loving.
Though our hearts skips beats,
and our knees go weak,
our love will never be as strong as it should be,
because you're stuck in-between.

I love you,
And you love me.
But she's keeping us from being together.
I don't wanna be without you, baby, never.
But I can't wait on you forever.

Despite the hard fall,
and the embarrassment of it all,
my feelings for you still burn deep.
I'm still hoping that one day you and I can be a 'we.'
Sometimes I hate you,
because you're too blind to see,
our love can't compare to the love that you and her share.

That night turned into something unexpected.
Falling in love were not our intentions.
But we have already fallen,
and there is no stopping.
We knew we were wrong,
but our love is just too strong.
That's why I held on for so long.
But I won't hold on for too long.
Make your choice soon or I'm gone.

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