Comatose Dreaming

March 6, 2009
By Jessica Space BRONZE, Albrightsville, Pennsylvania
Jessica Space BRONZE, Albrightsville, Pennsylvania
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Light pierces through
The grays and blacks
The silhouettes dance
Around my closed eyes
I see them in the back
Of my head
Twisting, Bending
And then there was you
In the midst of it all,
I heard your voice
I tried so hard to call out
But my voice had failed
Your warm, satin hand
Laced through mine
Tongues of red and orange
Flickered around me
Before setting my
Body in flames
'All for love, all for love,'
Your whisper tickled my ear
If this is love, let it burn
I melted, burned to ash
Smiling through it all
I was reborn,
Intertwined with you
I was reborn whole
Then your image
Faded like a star
I reached out for you
After you were gone
With my head
Held high from hope
Blue skies blanketed
The atmosphere above me
Green grass pricked at my feet
Sister was there
And mother and father too
We all joined hands
And spun
My world was vertigo
Faces blended together
A blinding light made
My eyes squint
My arm blocked the rays
And I walked towards it
Then I awoke
You didn't leave me after all
In fact, you never did
Sister, mother, and father
Were all there too,
Awaiting my arrival

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