The Beast

March 6, 2009
By Ana Laraia BRONZE, Pocatello, Idaho
Ana Laraia BRONZE, Pocatello, Idaho
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I punch and I stab,
I rave and I rant,
I try to contain him,
But somehow I can't.

The beast caged inside me,
That rips at my heart,
Fighting each day,
While I play my part.

He wants to be seen,
He wants to be heard!
But I muffle his voice-
Strangle his words.

There is not enough flesh,
For us both to survive,
The beast must be slain,
While I stay alive.

The world's never seen,
His most hideous face,
We're identical in structure,
But polar in taste.

Sometimes he escapes,
In the dead of the night,
To protect my sanity,
He must stay out of sight.

But his visit is brief-
For he leaves his loud print,
And drips his sour blood,
Never catching the hint.

This cannot happen,
So I slam him inside,
He's not something I flaunt,
He's a demon I hide.

Beast, begone!
I'm the one on the throne!
Leave me alone!
Just leave me alone!

Where did he go?
Could it possibly be,
That there is no
Beast inside of me?

I pause-listen,
To my hatred and dread.
Could it be, just maybe,
That I am this terrible beast instead?

The author's comments:
I wrote this for an English project in class. It really helped me release some suppressed emotions.

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