On the mountain

March 6, 2009
By dstine SILVER, Louisville, Kentucky
dstine SILVER, Louisville, Kentucky
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On the Mountain

I felt the stinging truth blowing straight across my face
And I knew the drifting frost should be hurting
I took another step to my starving dying pace
And I thought my very soul must be burning

fire with the numbing pain
Sight and sound gone weary
Deadly snow in place of rain
too real a world gone dreary

hearing through the howling wind
seeing though the snow
persevering so the mind can mend
to live and die but grow

peering for a moment
to gaze into the mountain side
I found out what hope meant
I found the courage not to hide

The author's comments:
this work was originally submitted as part of a larger collection of poems. I resubmitted it because i noticed that other poetry authors submitted their works one at a time. I have also submitted this work to turnitin.com, which would explain why this would appear to be unoriginal, even though it isn't.

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