The lake

March 6, 2009
By dstine SILVER, Louisville, Kentucky
dstine SILVER, Louisville, Kentucky
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At The Lake
The sun was setting slowly in the west
The moon was coming up across the sky
A colorful swirl of clouds was blazing red
And day was turning slowly into night

The surface of the lake was smooth and still
Its colors were an echo of the sky
The water's sheets reflected beams of light
And waves had stopped their roaring for the night

The mountains separated sea and sky
Layers of green and orange across its side
The wind could be seen against the leaves
But the color was disappearing to the night

The seasons and the sun and moon were changing
You could see it in the trees and in the sky
The green was turning paler and the wind was getting cooler
And the sun was setting down for the night

The author's comments:
this work was oringinally submitted as part of a larger collection of poems. I resubmitted it becasue i noticed that other poetry authors submitted their works one at a time. I have also submitted this work to, which would explain why this would appear to be unoriginal, even though it isnt.

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