land of light

March 6, 2009
By dstine SILVER, Louisville, Kentucky
dstine SILVER, Louisville, Kentucky
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The Land of Light
The sun kept a watch over the barren desert land.
The dust that rode the wind was unforgiving.
I saw the road that stretched, through distant hell and sand.
Was I bold enough to try to find its ending?

But I, in madness, had come by here before.
In a time of distant searching,
I've heard the tales of legend and lore,
Of a land that's always burning.

I focused on the forward road,
Away from the blazing sun.
I raced to the shadowed hold,
Into a loaded gun.

From the burning planes to the barren shadow land,
I came to see the light but hell I could not stand.
I felt the drying desert slowly burning through my veins.
I strayed into a land of light but not without its pains.

The author's comments:
i already submitted this work but i would like to make some changes. I originally wrote barons, and ment to write barrens, as well as a few commas. I also submitted this work to for a class. That would explain why it seems unoriginal, even though it is.

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