English Rose

March 9, 2009
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There are many words I could use to describe you
But they are simple statements
What opinions really matter to me
Are the opinions that launch from my heart
From the depths of my soul they travel
Far and long to make sure they find you
In time to stop you wondering where I am
And making you trust me
As a rose needs care and devotion
That is much like me
Without the sun and rain together
The creation of beauty fails miserably
Sun and rain together may sometimes make a storm
But is always rekindled and rewarded
They will hold the rose gently and protect it
So it will not suffer or be under threat
Though so delicate it fights it's own way
Through day and night
As it blooms it sends out the message of truth
Keeping the sensation of love from dying
As you are my sunshine and my rain
And storms are sometimes apparent
I know you will hold me close
And save me from my fate
You give continuous care and devotion
Trust and protection are vital
As you treat me like nature's own creation
A Beautiful English Rose x

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HopeEternal9 said...
Jun. 14, 2011 at 3:59 pm
I find that I am, admittedly, in someways jealous of this beautiful poem. It is just so amazing:) 
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