What If?

March 9, 2009
By maybeme595 SILVER, Woodbury, Connecticut
maybeme595 SILVER, Woodbury, Connecticut
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It's okay to be angry and never let go, it only gets harder, the more that you know. When you get lonely if no one's around, you know that I'll catch you when you're falling down. -Yellowcard

What if tomorrow was the best day of my life?
(I'd love it.)
What it I woke up to perfection?
(I wouldn't believe it.)
What if the sun shone brighter where we were?
(I'd smile brighter.)
What if I was never sad?
(I wouldn't cry.)
What if it never rained on my parade?
(I'd dance through the day.)
What if the night was never scary?
(I would never sleep.)
What if the world was a better place?
(I'd stay forever.)

What if tomorrow was perfectly normal?
(I might be bored.)
What if I woke up at the regular time?
(I'd yawn all morning.)
What if I got dressed and went to school, same as always?
(I'd be crazy as usual.)
What if everyone smiled who usually smiles?
(I'd smile back.)
What if those who glare just glared some more?
(I'd return the glare.)
What if all my classes were just fine?
(I'd talk and pass notes the whole time.)
What if the world never changed?
(I would never change.)

What if tomorrow was the end of your life?
(I would die too.)
What if it was the end of mine?
(I hope you would cry.)
What if tears fell like rain around the world?
(I'd cry the most.)
What if I heard complete silence for the first time ever?
(I'd scream, just to hear a voice.)
What if I heard it in death?
(I would let it go.)
What if I saw you fall and ran to your side, too late?
(I'd scream in pain.)
What if the world came crashing down?
(I would leave this place with you.)

What if we knew what to expect?
(Life would be boring.)

The author's comments:
I was just thinking one day, pretty stressed out, and I came up with all of these what ifs...the next day I felt a little better, and I was able to answer my own questions.

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