Season of Cloudless Skies

February 19, 2009
By eternal3summer BRONZE, Brownsburg, Indiana
eternal3summer BRONZE, Brownsburg, Indiana
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Cloudless skies remind me of you.

A lot of things remind me of you, possibly too many things, but cloudless skies
especially. Open and ready for me, ready for anything, but empty all the same. Empty and endless, always simple and yet somehow always complex at the same time.

Cloudless skies and you. You and I, laying atop our hill, alone in our minds and
together in our bodies, staring at the sky as if it withheld all life?s answers.

You left me without warning, like a storm brought unexpectedly to summer
days. I had so many questions, and you gave me so few answers. I would have cried, but that would have been rain, not a cloudless sky like those we used to treasure.

Summer faded, as did ?us? and ?we.? Cloudless skies remind me of different
things now, not only you. They remind me of vast silences and absences, in that way my loneliness is without your voice and without your face.

Cloudless skies, and me. I lay atop that hill, no longer ours, staring
blankly at never-ending blue. my mind stretches on and on, like our conversations were, never interrupted anymore, just me and my sky. And I wonder.

What will the next season of cloudless skies bring to me?

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