The Greatest of Alter Egos, part 1

March 6, 2009
By S.O.Sunder GOLD, Fish Haven, Idaho
S.O.Sunder GOLD, Fish Haven, Idaho
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Accident and fate are often equal
On days of weight and substance
Those days that don't burn like the tiny candle
But like those fires of the greatest vengeance

Such a day befell my mind
When I came to a path wholly new to me
And what could I do but follow it
After both ennui and curio combined
To tell me to seek what I would see
At the end of that rocky conduit

The path was neither wide nor straight
Yet worn with the feet of a thousand men
But when I thought it would lead to no man's den
I stopped to gape at an oaken gate

For the smallest of seconds I stood there
Being able to do nothing but stare and stare
Waiting for someone to come from nowhere
So that I may become more aware
Of that thing which may be called their lair

When that second ended no man did show
So I gathered myself to move on forward
Why I went on I do not now know
Unless it was fate that wanted me lectured

The author's comments:
This is the poem I have written in a story format, and I actually tried to make it easy to read. There may be 3-5 parts to this poem.

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