My Soul Room

March 5, 2009
By Tokiko GOLD, Hayward, California
Tokiko GOLD, Hayward, California
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The room of my soul
A snowy landscape
That snows never ending in a forest
Of dreams
Within the forest
A dome made of glass
That can't be seen through
Despite the clean exterior
Within are shattered mirrors
Portraying trauma of childhood
And present
Every harsh word said
Either by self or others
A crack forms
A piece falls and shatters
In the center of it all
A small girl
In a school uniform jumper
With button black shoes
The style of mary janes
Clinging to a black teddy bear
In a pirate suit
Black smoke surrounds the child
Of lost innocence
The voices of enemies
Screaming at her
Berating her
With their harsh words
When intruders are seen by the girl
She screams bloody murder
At the intruder
Inflicting wounds with her screams
That is my soul room of dreams

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