~The Killing Pack~

March 5, 2009
By Rotc_Gurl BRONZE, Tacoma, Washington
Rotc_Gurl BRONZE, Tacoma, Washington
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"You can shoot all the blue jays you want, if you can hit 'em. But it is a sin to kill a mockingbird. They do nothing but sing there little hearts out." Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird

Nothing now can block our path
The world trembles at our wrath
Murder, kidnap, torture, and lies
Dark hearts beneath even darker sky's

Cryin' now within the night
Waiting for the moons great light
Maiden whispers low and still
Commanding us to go and kill!

Feed us now as hunger grows
Let us feed upon our foes
We shall dine upon their eyes
Hearts and brains, rib an thighs!!!

The author's comments:
when i wrote this Poem, I was angry at a friend of mine. We got in a huge fight and i felt so mad that i wanted to hurt someone!!!
Thank god we are still friends but we'll never foget that day. It talks about wolfs killing and eating guts, wich is the best i think that i have ever done. I enjoy listening to music when i write! I hope that you enjoy what you just read.

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on Jun. 5 2009 at 10:32 pm
Madelyn1231 GOLD, Virginia Beach, Virginia
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Why must the bounds of love and hate continually be so muddled?

Wow. I can't believe anyone's never commented this. You are an amazing poet. Yes, anger is a very good emotion to use when writing. It's very 'passionate'... makes you 'feel' things while you're writing. Excellent job. Cannot wait to hear more. Thanks for your comment by the way. I would've read your stuff earlier but I've been grounded. Keep up with your wor and you'll continue to excel :] Love, Madie, an aspiring poet as well. :)

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