Things to be happy about

March 5, 2009
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Gravel roads in upstate New York,
The scent of Gasoline coming from the exhaust of a station wagon,
A new pair of shoes,
Warm cookies,
Fresh linens,
New guitar strings,
Degraw Street at eleven A.M,
Wooden decks on mount Desert Island,
Northern Lights (the movie),
Polar bears,
Warm pants on a cold morning,
Wearing real rabbit fur gloves,
Ignoring guilt,
Olive pits,
Head massages,
Warm slippers,
Crackers and cheese,
Intellectual rigor,
Over night trains, the kind with sleeper cars,
Prospect park dirt on a warm day,
Knowing its Lasagna before dinner is served,
Neurotic Jewish men,
Not doing drugs,
Listening to languages you can't understand,
Quiet breaks,
Appreciating art,
Solving puzzles,
Modern furniture,
Old buildings in a modern world,
Careless days,
Cobblestone streets,
Theatrical performances,
Winter days,
Summer nights,
Snooze buttons,
Cleaning your ears,
Baked beans (from England),
Dry humor,
Textured ceilings,
Auction houses,
Duck ponds,
Baseball cards,
Gravel roads in upstate New York.

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