March 5, 2009
I need some freedom, some room to breath.
But I can't have it if I'm not allowed to leave.
I need something different, just a little change
But I'm like the ink that's dried to this page
I want to experience new things, new places
But I can't wander because you fear new faces
I want to just leave but I don't have the will
I'm terrified to disappoint you, can't you tell?
Please let me explore, if only for a day
I'll show you I can handle whatever comes my way.
I know right from wrong and I'm careful when choosing
Because you taught me to be scared of losing.
I'm not a kid anymore and you both know it
I'm smart and responsible, give me a chance to show it
And if I make a poor choice and I fall
I'll learn from my mistakes and try with my all
To work it out next time, the best that I can

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innergenious745 said...
Mar. 17, 2009 at 12:10 am
i really like it, i love the part that talks about being like the ink dried to the page that's pretty original, i think it gets the point across and it's easy to relate to. vote for my poems too at TeenInk.com/raw/Poetry/article/92204/Unstable/ or TeenInk.com/raw/Poetry/article/86458/Our-Morning-Run-Through-LIfe/
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