What's to Gain?

March 5, 2009
By Alexandria Loiacono BRONZE, Warrington, Pennsylvania
Alexandria Loiacono BRONZE, Warrington, Pennsylvania
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People strive to achieve what they always wanted
And yet what they always wanted is not what they achieve
Hopes and dreams last for eternity
But what happens when eternity falls short
Falls short of the imagination
Falls short of desire
Is that truly all life has to offer
Just a strive or willingness to succeed
But what if success is not met?
Shall we switch to strive for something else?
Something other than the truth
Of what we wanted in the first place
Can we even achieve that?

Shall we force the hand that guides us?
But what to do entails what not to do
Options make the day worth while
Shall I this? Shall I that?
And yet answers far off

I suppose we just need to
Regain strength that once was strength
that is no more
Can you feel it?
Can you breathe?
Hearts pounding
Life altering decisions once held a deeper meaning
But now as a fateful choice lie restless in the minds of adolescence.

Tell me once
Nay tell me twice
Of what is to become
Success comes at a hefty price
Are you willing to pay such a fee?
For success not guaranteed.

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