A Time Of Change

March 5, 2009
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Walking down a street the cars rush by fast

Same as always, but with a change

You wish it could stay but time goes by in a blast

Even if you wish it could, it seems to slip out of range

When you were younger, as they say the good old days

Friends you knew seem to disappear, leaving new ones in their traces

You grow up, growing out of your old ways

Seeing and meeting new faces

Looking back you remember all the good times you had

When you played with dolls or lived in your old state

But you guess now your older it's not bad

It's leaving behind what you used to do or have that you hate

When you were in elementary school you thought what'd be like to be a teen

When you're in middle you think about your old past

And you'll always keep thinking about your future, if it'll be good or bad or in between

Because change is a part of life and nothing can ever last

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