Are We So Different?

March 5, 2009
By NicciLOVESdra BRONZE, Wagener, South Carolina
NicciLOVESdra BRONZE, Wagener, South Carolina
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I was confused of who I was
I had Different sets of friends
Trying to find where I fit in
Im a child of interracial love
Are we so different
Or are we the same?
Its all ignorance
Will it ever change?
We are all the same on the inside
It happens everyday
I lost my family because of his skin color
Why must they be stuck in the past?
They will never change
But I will never change who I am
Or the way I am
When I look into his brown mirrors that are his eyes
I see me and what he loves me for
Thats all that meatters to me
I hate when he is mad
When he looks into my eyes i see exactly whats wrong
As if im looking at myself
when I look into his eyes i see exactly what i want
But with yall..Its all Good
Because I know I can live it
I will be me regardless of what you say or do
Your words and actions will never phase me
Its My life..
And my view of life is different

Love Has No Color

The author's comments:
This poem is about how my my family disagrees on interracial love. They think that i will get phased by what they say but in reality, I dont care because I can only be me.

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