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March 5, 2009
By xltman BRONZE, Lexington, Ohio
xltman BRONZE, Lexington, Ohio
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Love is patience,
and for you i have all,
love is patience let that be our law,
love is respect for our bodied and souls,
which tie us together with the strongest of holds,
love is the warmth of another s embrace,
true love is giving not taken away,
true love is pure in intention and in all,
pure love is true all else love will fall.

The author's comments:
Teens today all to often get caught up in unhealthy relationships.High school teenagers are notorious for unhealthy relationships. Many teens use the word love to loosely. This poem gives my thoughts on love and its meaning. Love takes a lot of patience. Sex before marriage no matter how you put it, is not patience. Sex has its risks as we all know, but one of the less thought about dangers of sex are soul ties. Soul ties are strong spiritually made bonds only breakable by God. Bottom line is true love can withstand the pressure of time. If you truly love a person you'll respect them enough to wait. Even in those moments when its just you and your lover alone, the warmth of the touch of their hand should suffice. That's how you know your love is true.

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