March 5, 2009
By NicciLOVESdra BRONZE, Wagener, South Carolina
NicciLOVESdra BRONZE, Wagener, South Carolina
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To tell you the truth..Im stessing
Rent Due and im stressing
Landlord just called with a message
We got to be out by the seventh
Im sick and tired of this mess
Its like God taking my blessings
Bad Luck is all in my presence
Some people dont make it no better
They mad and hate that im still making it
Its messed up and im stressing

I cant when for losing..Im stressing
Im tired as god is my witness
Trying to smile but pain is my vision
Im mad and cant take it mo more
So i drop down and pray to my maker
Dear Lord if you hear my prayer
Im stressed and i cant go on
Its like im all out if blessings
Im alone and nobody to call
Momma Crying but her tears just fall
A young girl life so wrong
My feelings Cant take no more
No pain..My Feelings Gone

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem while i was going thorugh some things in my life. Everything was so stressful and it felt like nothing could go right for me. Bad luck was all around me. Now i have learned from my mistakes and I am a new focused young individual.

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