The Way I Am

March 5, 2009
The way I think,
Is the way I am,
But in most people's eyes,
I'm a kink in this everlasting chain we call life.

I have few friends;
I have many enemies;
I have pretenders,
In my life.

This world is one big planet of games.
I try to make it stop;
Try to help others,
But people look at me as though I'm lame.

They insult me;
They yell at me;
They call me names.
Maybe they think it doesn't hurt me but it does.

At night I sometimes sit in bed and wonder,
"Am I just one big blunder?"

I don't fit in;
I don't act like them.
Why should i?
Just to get in trouble- living in their bubble?

This question in my brain,
Makes me wonder if I'm insane.
"Why can't you act more like them?"
"NO! I won't" I argue with myself.

But then I'm not sure if I know,
I'm like them even though,
The way I think,
Is the way I am.

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