March 5, 2009
By Rebecca Lanson SILVER, Fitchburg, Massachusetts
Rebecca Lanson SILVER, Fitchburg, Massachusetts
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And so it starts again.
the hole that was so carefully covered -that was fading into a shadow- has been ripped open once again. Leaving her on the floor bleeding unseen blood, tasting it on her lips. And it's all her fault. She made the choice that a moments bliss was worth all of this agony. In all truth it was; because every second spent even looking at him made life what it is to her now. But watch as she flinches at the name, at the memories, clutching her arms around her to hold in the hole, to keep from crumbling. She's determined to save herself -to not let the hole take over- until he comes around and makes her life bliss once more.

The author's comments:
i have never regreted anything in my life. and i do not regret the time i spent with this person.

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