October 4, 2016

The world as my oyster, the sky at my feet

To be a new person to every person I meet.
To fly in the sky with no thought to below-
Oh the things you will see! Oh the places you’ll go!


The dream of being seen as I am
Without any need to act as a clam.
Closing if anyone presses in too far-
(Unless they offer me a chocolate bar.)


To be my own person without any care
Of the judgement been given, it is only hot air.
Without bounds to be heeded, I am finally free
And at last when I am, the sensation it’ll be!


The wind in my hair and my feet off the ground
The murmurs, they are nothing but sound.
The sky is so blue and the world is so green
Once I am there, oh the things I’ll have seen!





I walked along a narrow road,
My mind, it felt so very old.
For I, that day, much work to do,
And if I didn’t, tomorrow’s too.


The freedom of another name,
A maze, they are one and the same.
For they do say there are no limits
And the well of power, you can only skim it.


But that is not what I have found,
The deeper I go, the more I am bound.
The more that I do, the more that I must-
The more that my heart feels like crumbling to dust.


But despite my exhaustion, the world I have seen.
And for that I am definitely keen.
I have brought this upon myself, it is true
But through all that I’ve done, I know what I do.

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