Out of My Control

March 5, 2009
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You couldn't have said it better
you're telling me to let it go
I'm trying to write it in a letter
explain it's out of my control
explain, see i can't let it go
lost one thing i thought i had the right to know
after sleepless nights, stayed up 'til 2 pm
so deep in it kind of hurts my soul
so deep in it's made me kinda cold
now i feel like i have to carry this load
of things i should have, but didn't do
before you were all i knew
when i was still hopeful girl
trapped in a maze that felt invisible to her
she told me where to go, why we were in this world

but i promised her i wouldn't let him get the best of me
it was like a knife, he cut me,
then it cut her even deeper
but then you said all of the right words
the kind that remind me why my smile curls
i need you back like yesterday,
i need to back, here to stay
right in the spot where we use to lay
you can let it go now, but you couldn't then
i've tried my best, yet i don't succeed,
like i committed one too many sins
i lay in bed, sleepless nights that go by
like something that was telling me to fix my alibi
of why youre up above
why i feel so down below
i'm a dreamer of nothing but love
and you're asking me why i'm so torn?
i took it all from something i've learned
if you want love, make it,
but don't expect it in return.

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