Inside My Receptacle, My Refuge

March 5, 2009
In my receptacle and my refuge
I have so many rules to follow
As if my life was directed by strings
I am treated no different from a marionette
Leaving me no room to jump out of my refuge
To explore the world that is on the other side
I have not set foot in or seen with 20/20 vision
Only to be exposed to me through the words
That my father has spoken
Inside my receptacle, my refuge
On that other side
Lies a place unknown to me in my receptacle
A world a different as we are to each other
Not one thing the same
Nothing directed by strings
No since of direction
No rules to command us
To tell us what to say
Or what to wear
Or that what we do is wrong
Outside my receptacle, my refuge

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tfgtfgfg said...
Aug. 20, 2009 at 4:54 pm
It should be my friend and I
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