A Breath of Fantasy

March 5, 2009
Rush through the body.
Calm the mind.
Raise the mood.
Imitation of pleasure,
Release the mind from body,
Forget life,
State of recession,
Hiding in my head,
Random thoughts pop to mind,
Realize the oblivious,
Wonder about crazy,
A swirl of thoughts,
The laughter of ignorance,
The joy of stupid acts,
No worries of appearance,
Perception of perfect.

Traverse through the realms of reality,
Land in the world of hallucinations,
Vision of beauty,
The kiss of the air,
The warmth of the sun,
The whispering of the wind,
The relaxed body,
The amazing eye,
Catch every movement,
The weird processing head,
Oh NO!!
Loss of elevation,
Body moves faster,
Mind moves faster,
World moves faster,
Return to normality,
Breathe in the mist,

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