An Athlete No More

October 2, 2016
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Sprinting, flying, dancing
across the field
towards the zebra-striped ball.
Not a moment too late
for she was on my trail.
We smelled of sweat
and looked quite ragged.
But a touch of the ball
brought the taste of the game,
I love so,
onto my tongue;
the victory was sweet.
The noise of the crowd
roared through my core
reminding me of
the athlete I had become.
And suddenly,
only a few moments it took,
her heel clipped mine
and what a tumble we had.
Down to the ground
my body fell.
For there,
on the cold hard earth
I felt my shoulder
being torn apart
as the muddy wall
shredded my body,
I felt a jolt of lightning
course through my skull
as it impacted the soft green grass,
I felt the cleat
attached to her foot
come hurdling down
onto my broken back.
The force of her shoe
popped my sternum from
It’s solid home.
And as soon as it started,
the tumble was halted.
For I awoke with a daze
and was quite dumbfounded.
But had I know
I wouldn't have moved.
For now I am broken;
an athlete no more

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